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Offering Leadership Support in North America, Europe, and Asia
Consulting Approach

In striving to deliver a customized solution to our clients’ needs, we start with an understanding of the client business imperatives that must be met and where executive competency matters most.

Our consulting is advisory, practical and action-oriented, never prescriptive. Working together, we act our way into a new way of thinking, not think our way into a new way of acting.


 We may do things somewhat differently from one client to another as we draw on our years of experience in leadership and management roles and in working with other clients  to find and follow the most relevant and effective path to build the right competence to get the wanted results.


So, we pay attention to the consulting process and generally follow this progression when getting started with each client project or coaching engagement:


  • Understand the Business Imperatives and Key Drivers: This provides the context for all selection and competence development activities, always. We never forget this is all about business results in the end.
  • Understand the Rationale for the work: What are the core reasons for this consulting and what are the expected and agreed returns or outcomes? Not vague concepts, but clear objectives.
  • Build the appropriate Rapport in order for us to work together in a close and confidential way. No one wants to work with someone where trust is lacking, especially when we work on “close to the bone” issues involving competence. If there is not a fit, we will not do a good job and we would want to know that early.
  • With the above in place, and not any sooner, build a meaningful and open Relationship that will see us through months and sometimes years of good work together, good times and bad.
  • Apply a proven set of Methods and Tools that deepen our insight into matters and guide us to an effective and valuable result. Some methods may be one-of-a-kind in order to bring the best to bear for a unique and or particularly challenging situation. We have been in leadership roles and understand this.
  • Achieve Objectivity with feedback and guidance that matters and not just to try to create a bridge to another assignment.
  • Objectivity leads to Choices and this leads to Results.


"In many cases, our best work is realized when we create a

sustained executive and managerial mindset which leads to

competence building actions deeper into the total organization.”